Dosage systems

The chemical dosage systems utilized for obtaining drinking and process water in many industrial applications bring the water quality up to the desired levels.

A.O. Smith designs chemical dosage systems to cater for the needs of numerous industries such as the food, cosmetic, leather, chemical, water treatment, heating and cooling industries where the quality of water is of great importance and a wide array of chemical agents are needed to be dosed to obtain the necessary water quality.
In order for the necessary chemicals to be dosed at desired amounts, dosage pumps operate in accordance with the flow rate and signals transmitted from the system. Chemical dosage is used for the necessary conditioning required especially for filtration systems to be conducted in a proper manner. A combination of dosage equipment, varying according to the purpose of usage such as sensors, probes, flow meters, counters and special probe holders are used for these applications.

Ozone Systems

Ozone systems are one of the many high-tech systems used for the disinfection of drinking water. These systems inject O3 into the water causing the removal of biological contamination from the water. Ozone systems designed by A.O. Smith’s expert engineers in line with the result of various analyses they conduct and are automatically dosed in accordance with the dosages your water sources require.

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