Pera Ultra Automatic Back Wash Filter Systems

Pera Ultra filters are used in filtration of the solid particles and sand suspended in water supplied from resources such as lakes, rivers, channels, underground, wells and seas, or initial leakage filtration of process water

CharacterIstIcs of fIlter control unIt;

  • Precise differential pressure measurement by the differential pressure sensor,
  • Wash system that rotates with the drive of 24v DC
  • Motor reducer enables efficient cleaning of the entire filter.
  • PLC control unit displays the number of filter washes,
  • Ability to perform manual wash with the PLC control unit,
  • Ability to perform programmable, time-based back wash with the PLC control unit.
  • In wash problems with PLC control unit, the alarm can be received or valves to be located in the system can be opened


  • SS304 quality stainless steel filter cartridge,
  • SS304 quality stainless steel structure body,
  • Elements inside the filter are derivatives of corrosionresistant plastic, castermid, etc.
  • Resistance up to 800C temperature,
  • Reduced water consumption after wash,

Technical Specifications


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