Pearl Cabinet water softening system

Our “Waterclinic by A.O. Smith” water softening systems provide high levels of lime removal due to the high quality resins and state of the art regeneration techniques used in addition to requiring a minimal amount of salt and water consumption. As a result, you obtain the highest level of energy savings in the most cost-effective manner, at the highest quality standards available.


  • Obtaining more foam with less shampoo and soap consumption.
  • Hair and skin looks softer, healthier and brighter as a result of using softened water.
  • Slight skin irritations related to eczema such as dryness and itching are eased away.
  • Eliminates the need to use anti-limescale, salt and rinse aids in your dishwasher. Moreover, it significantly reduces detergent consumption.
  • Laundry turns out softer and cleaner using less detergent and dishes are more shiny and spotless.
  • Lime build-up in sinks, bathtubs, faucets and shower heads is eliminated. Therefore, more time can be spent for other daily chores.
  • Detergent, soap and shampoo expenditure is greatly reduced.
  • Due to the fact that it prevents lime build-up, it increases the operational life of water fixtures, increases periodic maintenance intervals and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Increases the operational life of electrical household devices that are constantly in contact with water.

System Features:

  • Domestic water softening system that utilizes the ion exchange method
  • Colorful, stylish design
  • Single Sliding Cover providing ease of use
  • High capacity, efficient cationic water softening resin
  • Minimum amount of salt use
  • Single tank compact system
  • Suitable for domestic use and use in small to medium scale cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Suitable for use with heaters and steam generators
  • Automatic time or flow rate controlled regeneration

Valve Features:

  • Stylish, elegant design
  • Digital Control
  • Easy to use LED screen
  • Counter
  • Flow rate Control
  • Timer
  • Bypass connection


As a manufacturer of high-end appliances A.O. Smith claims to maximize user convenience and comfort. Therefore, we must be able to support and guarantee that our products run impeccably. Customer satisfaction throughout the service life of our products, that´s A.O. Smith´s promise.
By offering a comprehensive range of services (such as sizing, commissioning, service and maintenance) A.O. Smith validates that promise.

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