Open Channel UV System | Muğla

432 m3/hour
Open channel UV systems, which are among the most cost-effective and high-tech treatment systems available today are designed to eliminate the use of chemicals in waste water that are discharged from treatment plants into nature, thereby minimizing the impact of waste water on the environment. Therefore the use of Open channel UV systems has increased rapidly in recent years.
This system which is designed by A.O. Smith engineers using 80 high efficiency ultraviolet lamps eliminates microbiological contamination in the water with optimum efficiency. Thanks to a monitor that measures UV light permeability which has been incorporated into this A.O. Smith open channel ultraviolet system during the design phase, the residual build-up which occurs on the quartz sleeve over time is cleaned automatically. As a result, a high level of efficiency is attained due to the fact that UV rays can remain in the water at their maximum strength. Our projects has been designed in our Istanbul/Turkey headquarters and sent to Mugla/Turkey after production. The system has been made operational after on-site installation has been performed, the necessary controls has been conducted and personnel have been given the necessary training by A.O. Smith’s expert engineers.

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