Mobile Drinking Water Treatment System | Morocco

10 m3/hour
In this project, we first determined that the raw water tested in our A.O. Smith laboratory contained a higher amount of dissolved salt than is acceptable for drinking water standards. A combination of sand filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet systems have been utilized in our mobile drinking water treatment system having a capacity of 10 m3/hour which has been produced in order to enhance the quality of the raw, untreated water obtained from the well at our customer’s premises to drinking water quality standards.
In the mobile drinking water treatment system designed by A.O. Smith’s expert engineers, water passes through sand filters in the initial stage and is purified from particles before reaching a filtration system with a precision of 5 microns. The precision filtration system removes smaller particles from the water that are measured in microns. When water reaches the Reverse Osmosis stage, the water which enters the membranes is purified from 98% of all heavy metals and bacteriological contaminants. In the last stage, the water that passes through the ultraviolet treatment system is purified from all potential microbiological contamination. As a result, the quality of the raw water obtained from the well is brought to drinking water quality standards.
The mobile drinking water treatment system mentioned above has been designed and produced at our Istanbul/Turkey headquarters to be shipped to Morocco. The system has been made operational after on-site installation has been performed, the necessary controls has been conducted and personnel have been given the necessary training by A.O. Smith’s expert engineers.

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