Magellan Residential Package Waste Water Treatment System

Our package waste water treatment systems have been designed in accordance with the sequencing batch activated sludge (SBR) system. The operating stages of the system are filling, ventilation, settling and discharge, and the system has been designed to work in a single reactor. In case of variations in the waste water amount, extra modules can be added to the available system in a parallel or serial manner depending on the capacity. For businesses with lack of space, solutions can be designed in the same reactor. A.O.Smith Package Units with compact design are systems that can be handled and installed easily. Our Package Units are controlled at factory after production, and our professional technical staff performs site installment and commissioning. Cylindric or prismatic package unit options are available for your preference. A.O. Smith Package Waste Water Treatment Units provide excellent performance and comply with standards, even under variable flow rate and contamination conditions that lead to problems in treatment plants at small settlements. A.O. Smith Package units are durable and long-lasting. The body is made of 5-6 mm. carbon steel; and while the inner and outer surfaces are coated with double layer epoxy, the outer surface finish is made with industrial paint. There is no need for extra operating room in the units. The blower, control panel and chlorine dosage pump are transported to the site in a mounted condition in and/ or on the unit.


  • Villages, Towns and Municipalities
  • Summer Sites, Holiday Villages and Hotels
  • Public institutions such as Schools, Hospitals, etc.
  • Houses and Housing Estates
  • Industrial Plants
  • Service Areas – Camps
  • Construction Sites


  • Minimum Investment and Operating Cost
  • Need for Minimum Space
  • The option to increase the capacity in modules
  • Rapid production, easy installation
  • Recovery
  • High treatment efficiency and process technology
  • Fully-automated odorless and silent operation
  • Aesthetic Appearance

Technical Specifications


As a manufacturer of high-end appliances A.O. Smith claims to maximize user convenience and comfort. Therefore, we must be able to support and guarantee that our products run impeccably. Customer satisfaction throughout the service life of our products, that´s A.O. Smith´s promise.
By offering a comprehensive range of services (such as sizing, commissioning, service and maintenance) A.O. Smith validates that promise.