Magellan Open Channel Ultraviolet Systems

As one of the advanced technology systems designed to eliminate the use of chemicals in waters discharged from waste water treatment plants into nature, open channel UV system minimizes the damage to the natural environment. It prevents microbiological pollution in water in the most effective manner by means of high efficiency ultraviolet lamps found in the system. Thanks to the monitor that measures UV light transmittance in the A.O. Smith open channel ultraviolet treatment system, the contamination that is formed on the quartz sheath over time is cleaned automatically. In this way, high efficiency is achieved since UV lights can stay in the water at maximum power. Apart from waste water treatment plants, other open channel UV system applications are used in places such as fish farms, mussel production, pools.


  • KIn-Channel Automated Cleaning Mechanism
  • Chemical Cleaning Station
  • Blurriness Sensors
  • Automated Cover Valves
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter


  • Temperature Alarm
  • Control Panel
  • TRITECH Electronic Ballast
  • PLC Control
  • UV Dose Monitor System and Sensors
  • Tracking of lamp operation status
  • High-efficiency and density Amalgam lamp
  • Easy lamp replacement


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Magellan Open Channel Ultraviolet Systems Case Studies