LAL 650


5 Stage Filters

  • 1st: 1/4” Clear housing and 10″ PP sediment
  • 2nd: 1/4” White housing and 100% new coconut shell carbon
  • 3rd: 1/4” White housing and 10″ block carbon
  • 4th: Membrane housing and RO membrane 75GPD
  • 5th: In line filter, 100% new Coconut shell carbon


  • 75 GPD (280 Lt./day) Capacity
  • 3.2 G (12 lt.) Seperate Storage Tank
  • 13W Pump • 230 V AC 50 Hz Transformator
  • Inlet Water Pressure: 1-3.5 bars
  • Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 380x220x470 mm
  • Tank Dimensions (WxDxH): 250x250x370 mm
  • Net weight: 17.5 kg (unit), 4.7 kg (tank)

Installation kit is including

  • 5 m. long ¼” White hose
  • 1 pcs. White Filter Housing Wrench
  • Fittings
  • 3.2 G Seperate Water Storage Tank
  • ¼” Lead Free Unique Osmosis Faucet
  • User Manual

Product Benefits

  • Easiest and quickest way to purify municipal water
  • Removal of heavy metals, bacteria, virus , undesired taste and odor from water
  • A perfect taste of water for drinking, cooking, and all beverages i.e. tea, coffee, ice tea, etc.
  • Ready to install
  •  Extra protection with Anti bacteria GAC Filter


As a manufacturer of high-end appliances A.O. Smith claims to maximize user convenience and comfort. Therefore, we must be able to support and guarantee that our products run impeccably. Customer satisfaction throughout the service life of our products, that´s A.O. Smith´s promise.
By offering a comprehensive range of services (such as sizing, commissioning, service and maintenance) A.O. Smith validates that promise.

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