Helix Deiyonization Systems

Deionization is the ion exchange process performed to purify water. There are negatively charged anions and positively charged cations in the unprocessed raw water. Deionization Systems are the systems whereby ion exchange is enabled by using resins, and all of the ions in the water are removed practically. Regarding the units performing the deionization process, the cationic unit is used to remove cationic ions, and the anionic unit is used for the elimination of anionic ions. As a result of use, resins become saturated, leading to a reduction in their process efficiency; then, cationic resin is regenerated with acid, whereas anionic resin is regenerated with caustic. Resins regain the reduced efficiency thanks to the regeneration process. The deionization process varies depending on many factors, such as water quality and economy, ion exchange type, and the regeneration method.


  • The advantages of deionization systems include low operation costs and better results in output water quality compared to other systems.


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