Drinking Water Production Facility | Uzbekistan

5 m3/hour
A combination of sand filtration, reverse osmosis and ozone systems have been utilized in our treatment system which has been produced in line with our customer’s requirements after extensive analyses have been conducted in order to enhance the quality of the raw, untreated water obtained from the well at our customer’s premises to drinking water quality. The first stage of this system designed by A.O. Smith project engineers to provide proper conditioning of the raw water utilizes sand filters in order to remove solid matter and residue suspended in the water. In the second stage, water reaches the reverse osmosis unit and is purified from all heavy metal and microbiological contaminants.  In the third stage, ozone is added to the bottled water in order to prevent bacteria from reproducing within the bottles during storage. Last but not least, the water is reinforced with natural minerals using a special filtration method in order for it to achieve the safety and taste standards required for drinking water.    

The system used in our project mentioned above has been designed and produced at our Istanbul/Turkey headquarters and later shipped to Uzbekistan. The system has been made operational after on-site installation has been performed, the necessary controls has been conducted and personnel have been given the necessary training by A.O. Smith’s expert engineers.

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