Chlorine Dossage Systems

Chlorine dosing systems are one of the most common systems used for disinfection purposes. Not only does the chlorine dosing system have a permanent effect, but is also among the most economic systems. Chlorine dosing units are used to oxidize the oxidizable matter in water, such as nitrite, iron, manganese, and to disinfect contaminations such as bacteria and viruses.

Standard-Type Dosing Systems;

Dosing is performed manually in these systems. The amount of chemical to be dosed is set with the stroke value on the pump. Several fluids can be dosed with these pumps as with other dosage pumps.

ORP-Controlled Dosing Systems;

ORP-controlled systems adjust the chemical dosage by measuring the amount of chemicals in the water. It stops or continues the dosing process by measuring the set chemical amount. It enables the dosage to be set based on pH values. It automatically starts or stops the chemical dosing process on the water depending on the set input and output pH values. In these models, there is an electrode (probe) and an electrode container for measurement, apart from the dosage pump and control panel.

Flow Rate-Controlled Dosing Systems;

Dosing is performed based on the amount of flowing water through the flow rate-controlled dosage pumps. It operates together with the meter attached to the dosage pump. A meter measures the flowing fluid and sends a pulse to the pump, which accordingly doses the desired chemical.


  • In order for the necessary chemical to be dosed in the desired amounts, dosage pumps operate based on the flow rate and signal transmitted from the system. In such applications, dosing equipment is used, such as sensors, probes, flowmeters, meters, and designated probe holders that vary depending on the purpose of use.
  • Mika Chemical Dosage Systems perform manual dosing as per the need, or dosing in accordance with the amount of water flowing through the flow rate-controlled dosage pumps.


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