Beverage Production Plant Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System Project

24 m3/hour

Akyol Beverage Production Plant Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System Project. In this project, in drinking water and gaseous – gas-free beverage production plants, reaching the obtained supply water to the standards of drinking water are intended.The project has started with the determination of conductivity and bacteriological contamination over the standards in water upon the preliminary study and analysis result carried out by our expert team on site and the decision for Reverse Osmosis water treatment system and Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems applications was taken to obtain the water needed in drinking water standards. The whole project and the production process carried out have been completed in April 2015 and the project has been commissioned on site by our technical team within the management of our expert engineers.The drinking water used in all the beverages produced by the brand Ak-yol is cleaner and fresher now with the water treatment systems of A.O. Smith…

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