Automatic Anthracite – Sand Filtration Systems

Automatic Anthracite – Sand Filtration Systems

Automatic Anthracite Sand Filtration Systems are used not only as pre-treatment in the treatment of process and drinking water, but also for the removal of the blurriness in water supplied from waste water treatment systems.

A.O. Smith fully automated Anthracite Sand filtration system makes your water useable by treating the coarse sediments, particles, suspended solid matters, and substances causing blurriness in the water in industrial areas. Multimedia filters are treated during the service period, and your filters are cleaned completely during the back wash period; this feature cleans your system and increases the operating life. Multimedia filtration systems can be designed for the flow rates needed. This system, which consists of multi-layered filter media, allows for a long economic life by protecting the successor devices and units.


  • Time-controlled back wash
  • 10 different regeneration cycle option
  • FRP Tank
  • Manual bleed valve and tank drain valve sample taps (on the system input/output lines)
  • Manometers (on the system input-output line)
  • Ease of operation without the need for operators
  • Automated back wash procedure without the need for human interference
  • High quality resin in compliance with the food regulation
  • System preferences for different flow rates and capacities


As a manufacturer of high-end appliances A.O. Smith claims to maximize user convenience and comfort. Therefore, we must be able to support and guarantee that our products run impeccably. Customer satisfaction throughout the service life of our products, that´s A.O. Smith´s promise.
By offering a comprehensive range of services (such as sizing, commissioning, service and maintenance) A.O. Smith validates that promise.

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