Aria Ozonization System

Also known as “active oxygen”, ozone is a special molecule found in nature. Each ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is a natural cleanser. Ozone production begins with splitting the fairly unstable oxygen atoms of the oxygen molecule. The double-bond in the oxygen molecule gains kinetic energy through its electrons which are accelerated by constant electric current and splits the oxygen molecule into two atoms. These two oxygen atoms react with another oxygen atom and form ozone. Ozone cannot be stored since it is not a stable gas and therefore it must be produced where it will be used.


Aria Ozonization System is one of the systems with advanced technology, used to disinfect potable water. As a gas twice as effective as chlorine, ozone has high oxidation power. Aria Ozonization Systems can be used to clean the water by eliminating biological fouling in water and to give water a crystal clarity thanks to its ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses and molds by adding O3to water and the capability of degrading iron, sulphur, manganese and hydrogen sulphate. Since ozonization systems are the most healthy and eco-friendly systems, these systems disinfect water in the majority of drinking water factories in the world; in the food industry by disinfecting water in large aquariums and fish farms; and are used to clean waste water and eliminate toxic waste. Aria Ozonization Systems , designed as a result of in depth analysis by specialized engineers of A.O. Smith are designed and put into use in proportion to water requirements.


  • Aria ozonization systems do not leave chemical residues in water or air.
  • Aria ozonization systems do not cause a chemical odor or taste in the water.
  • Aria ozonization systems eliminate all harmful microorganisms in the water.
  • Aria ozonization systems degrade Iron and manganese.
  • Aria ozonization systems are eco-friendly.


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