Effective and economical solutions for all your domestic water needs

We are anywhere where clean and quality water is needed, starting from the point where the water enters your house. We offer effective solutions for all your domestic water needs with our filtration systems against high levels of residue and particles that might be present in your intake water; our softener systems designed to prevent the harmful effects of hard water; and our reverse osmosis systems for you to drink clean and healthy water.


Filtration systems:

WA.O. Smith filtration systems, we increase the quality of domestic water in your house by clearing the rough residue and particles in your water intake.

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems:

Free chlorine, organic matters and other contaminants that negatively affect the quality, appearance, taste and odor of your drinking water are found densely in some mains and well water. A.O. Smith domestic treatment systems provide you with tasty, clear, odorless and healthy drinking water thanks to their multi-stage filtration technology.

Softener systems:

You may encounter several problems in your home or workplace as a result of using hard water. Softener systems protect the equipment you use against the harm of hard water while preventing contractions, clogging, punctures and wear caused by lime in your overall pipelines. Soft water reduces your use of detergents in washing machines and dishwashers. The shampoo you use while taking a shower will be more foamy and you’ll use less of it, making hygiene easier. Soft water provides a soft and smooth appearance on your skin, and a healthy feeling. A.O. Smith softener systems, you obtain environmentally-friendly and economical solutions while increasing the comfort of your life.

Waste water treatment systems:

We offer effective solutions to our customers with the waste water treatment systems that are designed for the recovery and disposal of waste water obtained as result of domestic use in residential areas where there is no sewerage system.

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