Reliable technologies in the treatment of Drinking, General Use and Process Water

A.O. Smith designs water treatment units that you need in order to supply both drinking water and process water. The quality and special water needs of the industry can only be met by properly conditioned and prepared water. A.O. Smith offers the highest quality and economical solutions to its customers for the conditioning of such water with its specialty and years of experience. The whole process starts with the analysis of water, and is designed following the identification of the real requirements of the process, keeping in mind low future operating costs. Depending on the needs of the business, options such as Water Softener Systems, Chlorine Dosing, UV Filtration, Ultrafiltration, Deionization, Active Carbon Filtration, Sand Filtration, Sea Water Treatment, Well Water Treatment, and Reverse Osmosis can be offered. After the installation and commissioning stages, the specialized staff at A.O. Smith provide complete training in such systems, ensuring optimal use of the system, and support the process with post-sales services.

Waste water treatment systems:

Domestic and Industrial waste water treatment is used where biological, chemical and physical treatment methods are used individually or in combination, and waste water should be recovered or disposed of. Industrial waste water treatment is a process that requires specialty and experience, mostly due to its contamination load and effects on environmental pollution.

Methods used to recover or dispose of the waste waters that result from the production processes of institutions such as industrial plants, factories, and organized industrial zones are designed and projected based on the characteristics of waster water, taking the differences into account, thanks to the experience and production technology owned by A.O.Smith engineers.

Grey water reuse systems:

It is the waste water that comes from use areas such as shower, bathtub, spa, bath sink, washing machine, washtubs, and does not contain biological wastes. The water from dishwashers and kitchen and bathroom sinks contains a higher level of oil, chemicals and organic matters, and is referred to as grey water. The amount of grey water doesn’t depend on external factors; grey water will always be there as a result of personal hygiene needs, regardless of the weather conditions. Grey water is formed as a result of the contamination of mains water with chemicals.

Grey Water Systems, are used to collect, treat, and in some cases, disinfect the water coming from these areas. The main component of such systems is the MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor).


The main purpose of recovering the grey water is reusing the water sources that are rapidly becoming depleted in our world. Recycled grey water can be used for toilet flushing, watering the garden, at car washes, etc.

  • Garden and agricultural watering
  • Toilet reservoirs
  • Ponds
  • Laundry based on treatment technology

Contrary to rain water catchment systems, grey water recovery doesn’t depend on seasonal or rain changes, and is a constant reliable water source. Therefore, the storage volume required for a grey water catchment plant is considerably less than the storage volume required for the catchment of rain water.


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