More than 99% of the solutions used in laboratory experiments consists of water. The quality of the pure water needed is a critical factor for the reliability of the experiments and test results, and important for the routine cleaning of laboratory equipment as well.

Water used in medical areas such as hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers is generally obtained by purification of the mains or well water. All organic and inorganic contaminants must be removed from water used in such areas, and the formation of bacteria and microorganisms must be prevented.

In order to obtain the required ultra pure water, A.O. Smith performs a compact system design based on needs in accordance with parameters such as flow rate and capacity. UV Filtration, UF Filtration, Reverse Osmosis or Multimedia Filtration Systems are among the options offered by the experienced A.O. Smith engineers for Hospitals, Clinics, Dialysis Centers and Laboratories based on customer needs.


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