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For the high-capacity drinking and tap water needs of hotels, sources such as mains water, well water, river water or sea water can be used.

With Filtration Systems, rough residue and particles in your intake water are cleared, leading to an increase in the operating life and efficiency of your water-operated hotel equipment and treatment systems.

In order to find a solution to the needs of clear and ample water in hotels, Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems provide you with tasty, clear, odorless and healthy drinking water thanks to their multi-stage filtration technology. Thanks to such systems, quality and healthy drinking water is obtained in restaurants, cafes, bars and the dining rooms of hotels, providing quality and unlimited service for your customers.

Hard water and the consequential lime will cause problems such as clogging and punctures in the pipelines of hotels, a decrease in the water flow efficiency, and loss of energy following the calcification of heating components. All these factors will increase the frequency of periodical repairs and operating costs in overall installations and equipment. Softener systems protect your equipment and main pipeline against the harm caused by hard water.

Water treated with a water softener system does not cause lime spots on sinks and bathtubs, which provides a reduction in the amount of detergents used for cleaning. Your customers will tell you how satisfied they are with having more foam and hygiene with little shampoo while having a shower, and feeling the soft and smooth appearance on their skin thanks to soft water, as well as soft and clean sheets and towels.

“A.O. Smith” water softener systems require a minimum amount of salt and water consumption with advanced-level lime removal thanks to their high quality resin and cutting-edge technology regeneration technique. So you get top quality energy savings and efficiency at the most affordable price.


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