A.O. Smith filtration systems, we contribute in your overall service quality and economy by eliminating the rough residue and particles in your mains, well and intake water in dry cleaning facilities and laundries, and by increasing the quality of water. Hard water leads to several problems in dry cleaning facilities and laundries. The lime found in hard water will cause a decrease in the water flow efficiency due to contractions, clogging, punctures and wear in your overall pipelines, and heating components covered by lime, leading more energy consumption to heat the water. Hard minerals that accumulate on the inner surface of components in washing machines cause a failure in your machine or shorten its operating life. All these factors will increase the frequency of periodical repairs and operating costs in overall installations and equipment. Softener systems protect your equipment and main pipeline against the harm caused by hard water. “A.O. Smith” water softener systems require a minimum amount of salt and water consumption with advanced-level lime removal thanks to their high quality resin and cutting-edge technology regeneration technique. So you get high energy savings and efficiency at the most affordable price.

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