Hot Drink Solutions

Tea and coffee is comprised of approximately 98% water. Therefore, water plays a great role in determining the taste of tea and coffee, unveiling its full flavor.

A.O. Smith filtration systems retain healthy minerals and prevent the formation of caustic lime and corrosion in coffee machines allowing customers to really experience 100% coffee flavor.

A.O. Smith systems also remove bad tastes, odors, harmful bacteria and cysts that can be present in the water, ensuring that the filtered water has a neutral pH value and is softer. Thus, complete customer satisfaction and profitability is ensured.

Cold Drink Solutions,

It is important to use clean, properly carbonated water that has been purified of contaminants which can lead to scratching or cause obstructions in your cold drink dispensers containing carbonated/starch drinks. That’s because carbonated beverages are comprised of approximately 87% water. A.O.Smith filtration systems will help you not only achieve consistency in the quality of your beverages, but also increase your profitability due to the fact that these filters require minimum maintenance and have a lower failure rate.

Ice Filtration,

Ice is 100% water, so when A.O. Smith filtration systems are used in your ice machines they effectively remove contaminants that can cause ice cubes to become cloudy. Thanks to this unique feature, your ice cubes will be transparent and of better quality and your ice machines will require less maintenance.


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