AOS System i97

AOS System i97 Whole House Water Filtration System
AOS System i97 is a Whole House Filtration, which removes major contaminants from your water supply and provides water for, showering, cooking, and other home uses. It will help you to protect your family, home and appliances by filtering your water.

AOS System i97 has a mobile design that provide convenience especially in limited spaces. Ideal for houses that may have limited space, all assembled in a modular closed cabinet design to ensure convenience during installation and maintenance. Closed cabinet design also keeps all dirt, dust, rain away from the system.

System Components

Double Effect Multi Media Filtration
Custom designed this A.O. Smith multimedia filtration system including Aquamandix and Filter AG not only cleanse coarse residues, particles, and suspended solid matters that cause blurriness but also removes iron and manganese.
Carbon Filtration System
Carbon Filtration Systems are used for removal of taste, odor, color, chlorine and chlorine compounds, and all organic materials that can be present in the water.
Fully Automated i97 Maximizer Cabinet Softener
Made in USA Cation Softener System will be used in order to protect your equipments and systems in your home from calcification resulted by hard water. The control mechanism of the system is fully automated and flow controlled. There is no need of human interference for backwashing since the control valve is set to do so.
UV Disinfection System
The UV (ultraviolet) light at a minimum dose of 30,000 mwatt sec / cm² has a killing effect on microorganisms, bacteria in the water. Water treatment with ultraviolet disinfection is a fast and effective method to kill microorganisms in the water without using heat or chemicals.

Technical Specifications

Multimedia Filtration Capacity: 1.3 m³/h
Filtration: 20 µ
Backwash Duration: 25-40 min.
Carbon Filtration: 10 µ
Cabinet Softener Capacity: 2.5 m³/h
Resin Capacity: 28 lt.
Salt Capacity: 77 kg
Ferrous Iron Removal: 10 ppm
UV Disinfection Capacity: 1.5 m³/h
UV Lamp Life: 9000 h.

Total Power: 500 W
Voltage: 230 V AC 50 Hz
Inlet Water Pressure: 3-6 bar
Inlet Water Temp.: 1-39 °C
System Dimensions (WxDxH): 770 x 720 x 1465 (mm)



As a manufacturer of high-end appliances A.O. Smith claims to maximize user convenience and comfort. Therefore, we must be able to support and guarantee that our products run impeccably. Customer satisfaction throughout the service life of our products, that´s A.O. Smith´s promise.
By offering a comprehensive range of services (such as sizing, commissioning, service and maintenance) A.O. Smith validates that promise.

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