Agricultural Irrigation Project | Baghdad

7500 m3/hour

The system designed for agricultural irrigation project in Baghdad Kerrade region is capable of irrigating 222.000 m2 area with 14MSS pressure and 30,000m3/h water. In the system, distribution of water is conducted by using 4 pumps with 355kW power and pipes in 900 DN diameter.

We go on gaining trust of our customers by means of our high technology and engineering concept covering the whole process ranging from selection of materials and components used in production of the system we designed for our agricultural irrigation project to efficiency of final product, and our being primarily product and solution-oriented. Thanks to the right choices we have made, we treat sensitively in use of natural resources, and respectfully to nature and human. We, as A.O. Smith Water Technologies family, analyse the needs of our customers correctly with our expert staff and take creating optimum solutions accordingly as our permanent duty.


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