Agricultural Irrigation Project | Azerbaijan

1,800 m3/h

The Azerbaijan Project

At an agricultural irrigation project conducted in Azerbaijan, we have successfully set up pumps on one of the tributaries of the Aras River utilizing a system of pumps each conveying 1,800 m3 of water per hour through pipes having a diameter of DN600 to the intake of the main pumps which then convey the water over a distance of 6 kilometers at 8,2 bars of pressure. The water requirement of the land to become arable in the region is 3,600m3 per hour. We have met this requirement through the use of a total of three PentairNijhus brand pumps with a nominal power rating of 560kw of which two are employed as main pumps and one employed as a reserve pump. These pumps are referred to as Split Case pumps that have double intakes. These pumps have been chosen due to the fact that they require a minimal amount of maintenance and have long operational life cycles. These pumps convey the water over a distance of 6 kilometers through a main force line having pipes with a diameter of DN800 and distribute the water at various points through the use of water channels extending from the main force line with DN400 pipes. A.O. Smith Water Technologies  has been preferred for this project due to its cutting edge technology and solution oriented approach to meeting the requirements of conveying  water that will be the main resource for the agricultural products that will be grown in the region in the period to come. As a result of the talks held with the company officials, it has been stated that the company will continue to engage in a partnership with A.O. Smith Water Technologies on their other ongoing projects regarding water supply and conveying works.

We stablish trust among our customers primarily through our product and solution oriented approach. The right choices we make allows us to be more sensitive with regrards to using our natural resources and to adopt a more respectful stance towards nature and people in general. As the A.O. Smith Water Technologies A.S. family, we regard as our perpetual task, the proper analysis of our customers’ requirements to provide optimum solutions to cater for their needs through the services offered by our expert personnel.

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