A.O. Smith Turkey has adopted the principle of providing the best quality in water treatment equipment with high level technical support since 1995. The technical staff with great expertise increases and improves production quality and capacity by pursuing new developments and researching constantly. This is the key to maintain the costs at reasonable rates while the quality rises continuously.

New technologies

MIM Water Technologies was founded in 1995 and the company is continuously in pursuit of new technologies. Our company aims to find the most effective solutions such as in Reverse Osmosis, water softening, deionization, post treatment systems. In sales and marketing, our goal is to advertise new technology and equipment practically. This provides us to develop the process to find the solutions to your requests and keep you updated about new technologies. Our main target is to present the solution our customers need correctly and with optimum price. We are able to serve the best quality of the wide range of our own brand products and imported goods.